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A Beautiful Visit to the House of Allah; Al-Hajj

Inspired by the Chronicles of Hariri, illustrations of this ceramic oval platter represent the pilgrims circulating the Kabaa (in the centre) counter clockwise during Tawaf (circulation of the Kabaa) in addition to the representation of the caravan of pilgrims traveling to Mecca for Hajj from near and far surrounding areas. The first pilgrims of the caravan begin at the top of the magnified black stone which is located opposite the black corner of the Kaaba in real life. From the black stone, the Quranic verses dealing with Hajj start and are written in Kufic script, one of the main and earliest forms of calligraphy used to copy the Quran. The caravan starts with pilgrims using horns as a sign of celebration and taking the lead. Other pilgrims are illustrated to show the various ages, sex and social and financial status of pilgrims. The background colour is chosen to represent mountains in Mecca and surrounding parts with few plantation scattered. 

Internal Oval Script

Then let them groom themselves,1 fulfil their vows, and circle the Ancient House. AlHajj:29

External Oval Script

Call ˹all˺ people to the pilgrimage.1 They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel from every distant path. AlHajj:27

So they may obtain the benefits ˹in store˺ for them,1 and pronounce the Name of Allah on appointed days over the sacrificial animals He has provided for them. So eat from their meat and feed the desperately poor. AlHajj:28

Exterior Oval Script


That is so. And whoever honours the symbols of Allah, it is certainly out of the piety of the heart. AlHajj:32

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